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If you're tired of all of the hassle that's typically involved in getting a tow and then waiting around for what seems like forever for the service to arrive, don't despair. Towing Service Escondido can come to your rescue in a snap. We offer immediate service, which means that we'll be on our way to help you out of your bind as soon as we finish with your phone call. We'll get right out to where you're at in as long as it takes to drive there.

A Different Type of Service

We strive to provide you with prompt assistance that you can count on, no matter where you need us to take your vehicle. Unlike other companies, we don't make you wait until we get time to come out and help you because this is what we do. Our tow operators have years of experience, so we can help you through whatever situation you may be facing with your automobile. We keep our tow trucks clean and in professional condition, so you can have complete confidence when we're transporting your vehicle from your starting point to your destination.

You'll Know Just What to Expect

When you call us for help, we'll give you a quote right there over the phone. Our rates are not only affordable, but we provide you with a flat rate when it comes to our accurate estimates. The price that we give you over the phone is the price that you'll pay to get your vehicle from where it's at to the location that you provided during your phone conversation. That way, you'll know right from the start how much it will cost you to have us transport your vehicle for you.

Towing for All Types of Vehicles

Cars, trucks, motorcycles . . . we can tow them all. Whether they're broken down or running, it makes no difference to us because we'll be sure to get your vehicle from your starting point to your landing point promptly. You may want to get your vehicle towed to get it repaired when it's not running right. It could be that you need us to move your automobile to a car show because you don't want to risk driving it out on the road to get there. Or maybe you're moving and need us to come and transport your motorcycle. Running or not, any kind of vehicle – we'll tow it for you.

We'll Transport Your Vehicle Anywhere

We don't have any limitations on where to tow your vehicle. You don't have to stay within a certain geographical radius or within a certain range of miles. Whether you wish to go just a few blocks, a few miles, or much farther than that -- we'll get the job done. When your vehicle is broken down, you're not limited to a tow to the nearest service station because we'll transport your automobile to the place that you prefer, even if it's in the next town or county

Just What You're Looking For

We know that many times you'll need our assistance to help get you out of a jam. We're not going to kick you when you're already down. We won't take advantage of your desperate need for help by charging you outlandish rates and additional fees that you weren't expecting. We take pride in making our service affordable. With our flat rates, you can rest assured that the price we quote you over the phone is the price that you'll pay to get your vehicle to your chosen destination point. At Towing Service Escondido, we'll transport whatever vehicle you have to any place that you'd like. And, we won't make you wait around for us to show. You won't have to stay out there with your broken-down vehicle . . . alone . . . in the dark . . . or in the light or anywhere. We'll be there. That's a promise. Get the help that you need when you need it by calling us at (760) 227-7475 right away. We're here for you